Law Firm SEO Marketing;

Ninety-Seven percent of your clients search for their class action suit first online. This ranges from searching about recalls to searching for compensation currently available. It has never been more important for your law firm to be on the first page of Google for your exact type of case and keywords.

With every visit comes a potential client and thats why we make it a priority to try to capture each lead with our custom Law Firm SEO Marketing tracking system.

What would being ranked In the top three for the most competitive class action lawsuit keywords with out Pay Per Click (PPC) do for your Law Firm Marketing Campaign?

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How much is Your Case Worth

Every day, millions of dollars are at stake in the field of class action lawsuits. You depend on client numbers, but at the same time, you don't want to depend on the High Price of Googles PPC for small conversions. We have the results to show and we know what it takes to rank your class action Lawsuits organically and most of all quickly.


Cost of Running an Xarelto Lawsuit
PPC Google Campaign at 2% conversion

Responsive SEO Design:

The future of Search Engine Operation {SEO) is here and it is centered around mobile devices. Every day, more people make the switch from using a computer to a tablet and smart phones. It only makes sense for your law firm's website to be optimized and responsive for every device. That is why we take your current existing law firm's website and make it SEO responsive and optimized to run any device and, more importantly, boost your local Goggle ranking.

Keep An Eye On Your Progress

One thing a lot of law firm marketing companies love to do is keep their clients in the dark and convincing them that every little SEO rank change will take months to see. We don't agree with this approach. That is why we make it a priority to send out weekly detailed reports of each milestone reached, At Roll SEO, we play a vital role for legal business success by creating and maximizing online exposure to new customers through top online search.

Our Weekly & Monthly Reports shows you what changes we made. This keep you informed each step of the way.

Legal Content Writing:

Many Class Action law firms come to us for help just after attempting to compose their online case content. While a practicing lawyer is definitely qualified to write about issues, recalls and legal litigation. The truth is though you do not understand the best way to write content that can perform and rank well in searches on Google and several other search engines. More to the point, the procedure for drafting high quality content that is legal and very read able is time consuming. It can also be a head ache when wrighting for the lame man to understand when legal jargon is still needed.

Custom Lead Generation

The main drawbacks with buying Class action leads from Law firm marketing companys is they're selling you the same recycled leads that they're selling to other law firms. When you contact the victom its allready to late. They have allready been contacted by several other law firms and there frankly annoyed. There not excited to talk with you and your not excited to ever use our service again. The caliber of leads we provide is exact and on point to your case there never recycled allways fresh

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