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Our work here at Roll SEO is: to provide your law firm with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that will redirect the highest number of leads to your website, at just a fraction of the cost of Google PPC.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of strategies and techniques used to improve the traffic towards your site, and convoy as many readers as possible to your website whenever they look for a given keyword on one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask). The higher the ranking of your website in search results page, the larger will be the number of visitors that will reach your site and read its information, know your company or buy your products. As people usually look out for just the first two pages of results in a search engine (SERP), the higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search, the greater will be the chance that a visitor will choose that website among all the others.

Proper organic SEO is more than just throwing a bunch of backlinks to your web page here and there, and spam low-quality ads around the internet. High-quality SEO is an exact science that will provide you with a steady amount of website traffic without damaging your company reputation with “black hat” tricks. Our intelligently planned quality SEO will let you save hundreds of dollars that usually get wasted on Google Ads and their pretty miserable conversion rates (that rarely get over 1-2%). A well-conceived, long-term SEO strategy keeps your visitors engaged by your content and will entice them towards choosing your law firm among several others. Finding your website is only the first service we provide, leading people to choose your law firm among the others is our true specialty.

Many SEO companies will just provide standard SEO services that solely focus on old techniques like increased keyword density, backlinking or website mirroring. Although these techniques can provide you with a temporary spike in website traffic, they will just grant a very brief benefit that will fade out in just a few weeks. We at Roll SEO can provide your law firm with a much more lawsuit-oriented, properly focused SEO service as we specialized and refined our techniques to perfection. We’re not just broadly swinging our sword trying to hit some random target blindly through sheer luck; we’re shooting an arrow that will surely find its target. Our target is the right customer base for your law firm.

After your customers find your company’s website, we will engage them in reading the articles written by our fully specialized medical writers. We only employ high-quality scientists and doctors with years of experience in the academic writing field, to provide your readers with top-notch authoritative articles.

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Roll SEO Team of Consultants, play a vital role in Mass Tort litigation success by creating and maximizing lead exposure through top online search as well as other online media outlets.

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