Ranking a website or a page in Google is becoming harder and harder as the competition keeps growing. More often than not you need to tweak and modify it until it is optimized enough that the almighty search engine will grant its favor and place it high enough on its SERPs to drive sufficient traffic to your site. How many times did you sacrifice a page’s content on the altar of rankings just to get your site reach the first spot for a given keyword?

However, every single page or post should ultimately be optimized for conversions rather than just rankings. It’s useless to drive 10,000 visitors a day to your pages if no one is going to buy your products or services. How can you then strike a good balance between ranking and converting without renouncing to anything? The answer is much simpler than you can think –  add some videos to your pages. Videos may, in fact, boost your rankings and improve your customer engagement significantly without negatively affecting your content in any way. Let’s see how.

Videos can boost your SEO efforts

Since the introduction of the Mobile-first Index in May 2016, Google officially announced that every content that sports a more responsive and smart interface will get a bonus in rank placements. As a consequence, many websites started enriching their pages with nice pictures, finger-level design, clickable semantic content and, obviously, videos. Adding any type of media to your pages will help your SEO efforts by boosting your rankings and, in turn, bring you more traffic.

Videos are the latest marketing trend

According to a recent survey, videos are watched at least a month by 85% of internet users, and 60% of customers prefer a video over a written text if they want info on a given topic. A great video can improve your conversion rate by almost 80%, which means that is directly increasing your revenues by the same amount. But it goes beyond that – a video can, in fact, build more trust toward your brand. Half of the internet customers interviewed explained how they check a video on a service or product before buying it, and 4 users out of 5 think that demos can help improve their user experience.

When a video gets viral, everyone will start sharing it increasing your brand exposure to unsuspecting audiences. Written content can be shared too, but when people can choose, 9 times out of 10 they will prefer to share a video because they know their friends are going to watch it.

Modern Internet users have a really low attention span

While we navigate online, we are constantly bombarded by hundreds of ads, pictures, marketing messages and colorful stuff that we learned to skip without even paying attention. Our attention span kept dwindling through the last few years, and the written text is losing ground against videos and images. If people just skip away from your page as soon as they land on it, your SEO is also going to suffer since the site’s bounce rate will skyrocket. Videos do more than just catch a user’s attention though. They can increase the time spent on the page up to three times over, and knowing how important this metric may be for your rankings, they can significantly help your SEO efforts.

Videos can help users trust your brand

We saw video ads throughout our entire childhood as the most common form of advertising in the last 60 years was, hands down, TV ads. In a quite convoluted way, we grew so much accustomed to this form of marketing that now we think that if a brand can advertise itself with video ads, it is large and powerful enough to be trusted as an opinion leader. Videos subtly increase our safety and trust towards a product and tell us that this brand is successful enough to invest its money in the most advanced form of marketing we always knew. Videos also bring back some degree of human interaction since you can show them talking people with whom they may relate. And in an age where people live in constant fear of being scammed or having their privacy violated, even the simplest form of security can go a long way towards securing your company more deals and sales.

Enriching your content with great videos can be much simpler than you think and often doesn’t require anything more than coupling together some nice stock footages. However, the benefits largely surpass any efforts you can make to produce them, and will surely bring you a significant increase in conversions and user engagement.