Technology never stops advancing. It is hard to keep up the pace of the so-called “Digital Revolution”.  The change is not just technological and goes beyond just switching from traditional advertising channels such as TV and Radio to the world of Social Media Marketing and SEO. In the last 2 years the whole world as changed, people communicate and interact differently, and the changes brought by the almost complete interconnectivity of all our devices are too profound to list them all.

Knowing how to evolve your communication strategies is paramount if you want to reach your targets with a message that can make the difference. At Roll SEO, we are not the average consulting agency. We’ve worked with some of the most prominent law firms in the United States, and every time we managed to achieve amazing results. And we’re here to lend your company our expertise and provide you with the necessary advice to outgrow your competition.

Establishing a Proper Marketing Strategy

The first step is to evaluate your law firm brand and determine where it ranks on social media, SEO, and YouTube. We will then assess your website for any conversion issues you may be encountering. If the website’s contents and visuals are not optimized enough, all the other channels will simply bring our visitors to a place that they don’t like, causing them to bounce off.

After all the data is gathered we’ll spend some time getting to know your law firm, its goals and whom your ideal audiences are to set up a highly-effective branding strategy. Only when we established a full 360-degree action plan that encompasses all your digital marketing channels we can devise the correct strategy for you.

Case Acquisition – The Importance of Making the Right Choice

Can your law firm afford to go after the most expensive mass tort with its current finances? With every case, a new budget is needed and must be properly allocated. Nothing is more damaging than to have a budget which is too large or too small for a given campaign – nobody wants to waste his or her money. The first step is to decide how you should set your priorities to improve the efficiency of your business efforts.

We will make this process easier by comparing each case acquisition cost on each advertising platform. This way you will know exactly how many cases you may effectively generate and select the right ones. Our company will then micromanage every detail so you could be 100 percent hands-off.

Consulting Services

Our team is made by highly-experienced professionals who put their knowledge and skill into practice for years to always stay ahead of the game. The reputation and track record of our experts are unmatched, and our team is made by truly unique individuals. We won’t waste your time with obsolete, run-of-the-mill digital marketing techniques that used to work. We are flexible and modern enough always to keep up the pace with the latest technology advancements.

Every one of your consultants is at your disposal to teach you, help you, or simply revise your game plan to achieve success. All our knowledge is here for you. You just need to ask.