The third leading cause of death in the US is medical malpractice, just after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Statistics published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) estimated that medical malpractice payouts amount to roughly $3 billion per year. However that’s just a fraction of the real potential of this type of business. Every year only 15% of the over 200,000 patients killed by medical negligence in the US file a personal injury lawsuit, and an astounding 80% of those lawsuits end without any kind of payment to the injured patient or his relatives. T

he biggest law firms know exactly how large are the potential revenues coming from medical negligence lawsuits, or even better from pharmaceutical companies settlements. Big Pharma manufacturers often market drugs and medical devices that are not properly tested, falsely advertising them as safe. In the last 20 years, the US drugs expenditure increased by over +600%, growing up from the $40 billion expended in 1990, to the over $234 million in 2008. A lot of people every year die or suffer by all kind of injuries caused by the severe side effects of dangerous medications and defective medical devices. Not just medical negligence kills people, but even the manufacturer’s negligence and flaws in the approval process is responsible for millions of cases of injured people who should be able to file lawsuits for compensation. But how many people know that they could sue the maker of a defective drug or product, and most importantly, how they could do that?

Choosing the right content writer

If your law firm is looking out to inform these people on their chances to sue a hospital or pharmaceutical company, a properly SEO-wise medical website is the best method to reach your potential customers. In the era of universal knowledge, people often look for information about medications, drugs, and treatment on the web, so finding your website it’s the best way to let them know that you can help them file a lawsuit if they want to. However, many of the law firm web pages found in the world wide web do include improper or inaccurate medical information.

Looking for a professional content writing service is of paramount importance to accrue the authoritativeness and believability of your own company. Catching the attention of your readers requires a good amount of engaging information – something that only a specialized company could provide. Writing about science, pharmaceuticals, and medicine is not something any given content writer or blogger could do. The first step to building up a credible and informative scientific website is to find a professional writer with a proper medical background.

Reaching your audiences with optimal SEO strategies

Nonetheless, no matter how good your contents could be, it’s easy to let them get lost in the incredible vastness of the internet. There are millions of similar websites around, so how do people could choose yours among all the others? To do that you need to enroll a professional SEO service, that should be able to let your web page shine among the first results founds in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask.

Finely tuned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques such as keyword analysis, backlinking or user behavior analysis will find what’s the best target you should reach for, and how to reach them to let them know about your existence. Choosing the right specialized company that could both provide an optimal SEO service as well as a constant flow of authoritative medical content, is the first step, and the first investment, to reach out the incredible number of potential customers out there.