Video ads can almost instantly deliver your message and grab your prospects’ attention with nothing more than a few catchy footages. Your logo will be clearly displayed, and even the most unfocused viewer will subconsciously associate your brand identity with those highly evocative pictures. Showcasing your website, company, brand or message on YouTube can go a long way towards capturing new leads and increasing your revenues. On top of that, a proper YouTube Video Advertising Campaign is way more effective (and less expensive) than a traditional TV ads strategy.

YouTube Ads will cost just a fraction of TV Ads

YouTube allows you to pay only when the ad is actually watched fully. If anyone skips it after the mandatory first 5 seconds, you don’t pay a penny. You don’t need to pay the minimum investment required by traditional TV ads. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars upfront to test a new campaign: at 10 cents per (real view), even just $500 are all you need to reach 5,000 potential buyers.

Precision targeting and in-depth tracking

YouTube dashboards allow you to track every smallest detail, providing you with all the data you need to match your offer to your target perfectly. Our company will pinpoint your optimal customer’s profile, enhance your marketing efforts and ultimately save a lot of precious money in the process.

Reach more prospects than TV ads

Times are changing, and in the last few years, YouTube streaming vastly surpassed all cable networks in terms of adults watching it. Our finely-tuned ads will then grab the attention of many more prospects than any TV ads and, more importantly, they will reach only the relevant ones who can be interested in hearing your message. And since you don’t pay for any ads which are skipped after the first 5 seconds, a lot of these highly-relevant customers will still see your brand at no cost.

Easier to take action

Even the best, most interesting TV Ad requires prospects to take a lot of effort to take action and buy the product or service. After all, you’re just sitting down on your couch when you see the ad, so more often than not, you will simply forget about it after a while. YouTube ads instead just require the customer to move the mouse over the video and load up the optimized landing page we built for them. They just need a few seconds to take action and, ultimately, increase your revenues.