In the Age of Data Breaches  you need the right Cybersecurity expert to keep your firm safe from attacks.

How our solid cybersecurity plan protects you from digital threats

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and any digital company is extremely vulnerable no matter what. Whenever you exchange confidential and proprietary data with your clients, you’re putting them at risk if your security is not set up and adequately monitored your looking at facing a potential lawsuit.

Many industries have always struggled to keep up with new technologies, but ignoring their security can be a costly mistake. Large volumes of data flow at unmatchable velocity, and the old defense methods have rapidly become obsolete. Today, hoping that an antivirus and a secure firewall is enough to keep malicious eyes away from your client’s information, is like trying to survive a hurricane with only an umbrella.

Why Digital Companies Are Exposed to Cyber Attacks Every Day

Security breaches are on the rise, and even the most harmless IoT device like a webcam can be exploited to hack an entire network. Any company may have to face the consequences of a breach, and clients and prospects do not trust businesses who cannot guarantee the safety of their private information. Although cyber attacks can occur in any industry, those who operate online on a daily basis must adhere to stricter rules to protect the confidentiality of attorney-client data.

Our robust and formal security program will assess your firm’s cyber presence as well as test for its weakness. Our strategy is based on the legal industry rigorous best practices. Afterward, we will work with your staff to thoroughly educated them on how hackers and cybercriminals exploit their internal vulnerabilities. The most solid cybersecurity plan is worth nothing if compliance with policies and procedures is insufficient afterward.

Establishing a Solid Cybersecurity Strategy For Your Company

To ensure that your firm is protected from unwanted attacks and unnecessary exposure, you need a good cybersecurity strategy. Here what we will do for you:

  • Assist you in appointing Cyber Security Officer who will issue high-level policies and best practices and ensure that anyone in your company follows them at any time. 
  • We will help encrypt all your data during all transfer and storage operations, and run regular in-depth malware scans.
  • Inventory the firm’s sensitive data so that all risks are categorized.
  • Run periodic cyber posture assessments to check if your policies and software are still up to date, and if any third-party or outsourced vendor may represent a threat.
  • Take appropriate measures to protect all vulnerable access points such as Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile devices, external hard drives, networking sites, and email accounts.
  • Use the most sophisticated software available to protect your most valuable documents.

We at Roll SEO know how dangerous even the most apparently harmless data leak may prove to be. We will provide you with a cyber security advisor, and a trusted security program that will guarantee that your company is protected according to internationally accepted best practices and standards.

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