In order to achieve real success, you need a robust marketing plan that truly optimizes your digital presence

Is your marketing plan working for you?

Creating a beautiful website isn’t enough these days. In order to achieve real growth, you need a robust digital marketing plan that continuously optimizes your digital presence using proven methods such as SEO, email marketing, paid advertising, social media, and more.


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media


Paid Advertising


Google Map


Email Marketing


Video Ads

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Social Media Marketing

Today, social media such as Facebook allow a lawyer to communicate directly with its clients, “humanizing” your law firm and establishing a solid bond of trust.

Facebook ads are a great way to stimulate interactions, show your offers, and grab the attention of targeted audiences. They are the ultimate instrument to reach new leads, especially by using lead forms rather than simple posts.

Our custom written ads are optimized by highly-specialized copywriters who will speak the same language of your targeted audience groups. Just sit down and enjoy the results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic SEO is a key long-term plan that will bring you a robust amount of conversions as soon as you start ranking.

Many SEO companies will just provide standard services that solely focus on old techniques like increased keyword density, backlinking or website mirroring.

Although these techniques can provide you with a temporary spike in website traffic, they will just grant a very brief benefit that will fade out in just a few weeks. We at Roll SEO specialized and refined our techniques to perfection. When we plan our SEO strategy, we’re shooting an arrow that will surely find its target.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful advertising channel which can bring you a lot of traffic with just a fraction of your marketing budget.

 We use email lists composed of only your Taggert market weather your looking to target your local neighbors next door to certain people on treatment lists are marking campaigns hit them all.

Full email automation can steer a lot of attention towards your best pages with very little effort. But only if your emails are written and designed in the most amazing way they will convert your prospects into actual clients.

Google Maps & Business

Local Google map is king and there is much cheaper than executing a nationwide marketing campaign.

A narrower target allows you to offer targeted product offerings and promotions and reach just the right clients. However, being correctly indexed by Google at a local level isn’t as easy as you can imagine.

We will help you boost your local conversions and showcase your business on Google Maps, driving every nearby client directly to your door.

Paid Advertising

A successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign requires a smart approach to avoid wasting money on useless ads with low conversion rates.

Our experienced PPC specialists are seasoned veterans who will deeply research what keywords should be used and what type of ads should be used on them to increase their effectiveness. Ultimately, knowing how to narrow down your PPC campaign to just those keywords that actually convert, will let you save thousands of dollars

Video Ads

Saying that videos are one most effective form of advertising any product or brand is like stating the obvious. A video can quickly deliver your message in just a few seconds and quickly reach even the more distracted user with a couple of flashy images.

Every marketing expert knows that the secret of successfully reaching your audience is being able to evoke emotions. Videos can reach your clients’ hearts, touch their emotional strings, and are easily remembered.

Our experts can craft enticing videos that feature compelling story-driven screenplays so the users can relate more to the story and feel the emotions.