We’re here to help you lower your costs by improving your case acquisition process

Can your budget afford going after those cases?

With every case a new budget is needed and must be properly allocated. The first step is to decide how you should set your priorities to improve the efficiency of your business efforts. We will assist you during all the steps of the process, starting from determining what types of cases you would like to start generating after you evaluate their cost of acquisition. This way, you will focus your choices only to those cases which are suitable for your wallet.


What Cases


Case Selection


Budget Mangement


Medical Record Retrival 

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Case Selection

Organic SEO is an inexpensive long-term plan that will bring you a robust amount of additional conversions for the time being.

Many SEO companies will just provide standard services that solely focus on old techniques like increased keyword density, backlinking or website mirroring.

Although these techniques can provide you with a temporary spike in website traffic, they will just grant a very brief benefit that will fade out in just a few weeks. We at Roll SEO specialized and refined our techniques to perfection. When we plan our SEO strategy, we’re shooting an arrow that will surely find its target.

Budget Management 

Email marketing is a powerful advertising channel which can bring you a lot of traffic with just a fraction of your marketing budget.

Full email automation can steer a lot of attention towards your best pages with very little effort. But only if your emails are written and designed in the most amazing way they will convert your prospects into actual clients.

Medical Record Retrival 

Local SEO is much cheaper than executing a nationwide marketing campaign.

A narrower target allows you to offer targeted product offerings and promotions and reach just the right clients. However, being correctly indexed by Google at a local level isn’t as easy as you can imagine.

We will help you boost your local conversions and showcase your business on Google Maps, driving every nearby client directly to your door.