We can generate any lead you need and deliver it in real time through Social Media Marketing

Law Firms and Social Media Marketing

At the start of the campaign we will take care of optimizing you Facebook Business page, as it represent the foundation of every Law Firm Facebook marketing strategy. A Facebook Business Page allows a lawyer to communicate directly with its clients, “humanizing” your law firm and establishing a solid bond of trust.



Targeted Campaigns + Geofencing

Understanding your demographic is key and that’s why we build targeted user personas to reflect the core audiences we are going after. Knowing how to reach and address them will do more than just skyrocketing your conversion rates – it will cut your costs by a significant percentage. If you cast too wide a net, you will waste precious money on people who don’t care about your message.

 We know how to target only specific cities or even facilities, such as targeting people who were admitted to a given hospital or clinic. Proper geofencing techniques and a wise use of custom audiences will allow us to reach only those people who may care about your message and save precious money.

Custom Written Ads

Ads are a great way to stimulate interactions, show your offers, and grab the attention of targeted audiences. They are the ultimate instrument to reach new leads, especially by using lead forms rather than simple posts. Our custom written ads are optimized by highly-specialized copywriters who will speak the same language of your targeted audience groups. Just sit down and enjoy the results.



Law Firms who trust Roll SEO include: